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on Thu, 29th Apr 2021
Above and beyond
Very responsive to every request - and there were quite a few. During this corona time, kept us informed of course openings and made necessary rebooking. Made sure we received the benefit of every possible 'deal' and was able to stretch some of the terms for us. So great to not have to waste time with endless emails and all the back and forth that can be so aggravating. James was really a prince.
Thank you kindly Kathleen and for your review of the courses 😊
on Mon, 25th Mar 2019
Highly recommended
We have booked with this service several times over the past years and have been totally satisfied. They are fast, efficient and friendly.
Thank you kindly Kathleen 😊
on Tue, 13th Mar 2018
Quick service. Thanks.
Thank you kindly Kathleen 😄

Kathleen's Course Reviews and Scores

Top Algarve Course
Thu, 13th May 2021

Our second round this month confirmed the quality of the course. The new layout, with switch of the first and second 9 holes, really makes sense. Course conditions were very good. The greens were somewhat slower than in previous years, but remain true. For our long-hitting friends it represents the necessary challenge, while the gold and silver tee boxes are playable for we mortals.
San Lorenzo
Scenic holes
Tue, 11th May 2021

The course deserves a 4 star rating due to a few of the very scenic holes which add to the hobby golfers experience. The fairway conditions are considerably better than 2-3 years ago when the course had suffered from overplay and seemingly lower maintenance. There are a few pretty challenging holes but not enough to make frustrating.
Old Course
Mon, 10th May 2021
Old Course
Fri, 7th May 2021
Quinta do Lago North
4.5 stars
Tue, 4th May 2021

This was the first year since the redoing of the course where we played well. The greens being slightly slower, and no longer the slithery surfaces which made our approaches so difficult, cut strokes from our scores - making it more fun. This doesnt mean that the course is no longer challenging! We just wish we had had time to play it a few more times during this visit.
Old Course
Mon, 3rd May 2021
Old Course
Top Algarve Course
Fri, 30th Apr 2021

This classic course is the pearl of the Dom Pedro courses (Victoria is the championship course). We played it 5 times this year due to the non-opening of the other Dom Pedro courses, which allowed us to fine tune our strategy. Not that that made the course an easy play, but it did eliminate excuses for not playing well. The course is in good condition and the range is so improved from the Oceanico days. We did lose a couple of balls when hitting the trees LOL.
Old Course
Probably the area's best
Wed, 28th Apr 2021

Rated it a 5 taken in context of the area - it probably wouldnt be a 5 if compared to Pebble Beach. The course has benefitted from the improvements made since the takeover by Dom Pedro. The fairways were mostly nice and cushy (not much roll though). The greens were still lightly sanded, but seemed fine. Good pace of play even considering that it was the best booked course weve played on this trip.
Pinheiros Altos
Some interesting holes and no crowds
Tue, 27th Apr 2021

Pinheiross conditions have improved slightly since our last round 2 years ago. We paid a reasonable price and were pleased to not have any waiting time. Due to the continuing Corona slowdown the pace of play was quick and there was no waiting.
San Lorenzo
Really a 3.5 - 'most improved'
Fri, 23rd Apr 2021

This course has benefitted from the corona rest, recovering from the really overplayed condition of 2019. The staff were friendly compared to earlier years as well. The greens were in good condition and fairly easy to read. Its back on our to play regularly list.
Vale do Lobo Royal
Very playable.
Thu, 22nd Apr 2021

Lovely lush fairways on most holes. Greens in good condition, slightly slow which made them easier for us. Nothing really negative to say.
Vale do Lobo Ocean
A favorite
Mon, 19th Apr 2021

A lovely course with very nice fairways for the most part. The greens were in good shape, although slower than we remembered from earlier years. The holes down near the ocean are super scenic.
Pinheiros Altos
Best Value in the Area
Tue, 23rd Apr 2019

On the plus side, there are 3 9 hole courses to choose from. You can also chose from normal, twilight or early bird bookings. In addition, range balls are included in the green fee. The range itself offers a short game area that is large enough. The course is in good condition, with the occasional divot hole on the fairway or hard area around the green (found on almost all courses in the region). The greens are fine.
Pinheiros Altos
Good value for money
Sat, 13th Apr 2019

Love the early bird play on this course. Finishing 18 holes in less than 4 hours (walking) without any stress or waiting is a pleasure. The course is in fair to good condition and the greens in good to excellent condition. There are some interesting holes to keep things from getting boring. There are 3 different 9 holes, of which we played the pines and olives. The driving range would be the best in the area if they would replace the carpet covering - it tends to be too hard. There is a short game area which is large enough.
Espiche Golf
So much potential .... but
Wed, 10th Apr 2019

On the positive side, very friendly reception and helpful starter. The course lies fully in nature with views unobstructed by real estate development. Unfortunately, while the fairways are easily playable and the greens in decent condition, the course cant really be considered in good condition. In addition, the pace of play was slow to say the least. The first 9 went okay, but holes 10 to 12 took almost one hour to play. That and the extremely strong winds led to to stop after 12 holes. A pity, as the course layout was interesting and the conditions playable.
Vale do Lobo Royal
A real pleasure
Sun, 7th Apr 2019

Of all the courses we have played in the Algarve (at least 12), the VdL courses and the Royal in particular have the best fairways. It is such a pleasure to be able to hit a ball from grass and not stubble or cut-to-the-level-of baldness so-called fairways. The greens are immaculate, although not lightning fast (which we dont need anyway). There were a few hard areas around the greens, but not nearly as many as on every other course in the region. The course has many great holes and only a couple which seem squeezed into the landscape.
Pinheiros Altos
Good value
Mon, 25th Mar 2019

The course is in decent condition (some of the fairways on the Pines 9 holes are a little ratty, but not terrible). The greens are in good shape and puttable. Finishing with a par 3 is not usual. The course offers early bird tee times, which mean faster play (not to mention lower prices).
Pinheiros Altos
Good value for money
Sat, 24th Mar 2018

More like a 3.5 to 4. Good value for money. Greens were in very good condition, while the fairways were occasionally a bit ratty. Winter rules were posted, which was helpful. An enjoyable round and not too crowded so no waiting.
Vale do Lobo Royal
A favorite
Tue, 13th Mar 2018

The course is in excellent condition, with the nicest fairways (mostly) in the area. We really enjoy this course except perhaps for hole 17. Playing the early bird slots are best, as there is generally no waiting and we can finish the course in 3 hours.
Quinta da Ria
Sat, 2nd Apr 2016
Quinta da Ria
Attractive course
Tue, 8th Apr 2014

Nice course to play, with ocean views on several holes. Layout on the first 9 compact at times - we heard fore a lot. Fairways were in pretty good shape. Greens were in good condition, but the areas just outside the greens alternated between clumps of long grass and rock hard dry spots. This is not terrible, but could be better. With the course fully booked, we had 5 hours to finish.
Pinheiros Altos

Along with San Lorenzo, this course has benefitted from the corona rest. The fairways were no longer brownish and thin of grass. Lovely to play without any pressure from behind. Greens were fine - nothing to complain about. Our buggy was rather old.

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