Algarve Golf Group Deals

When arranging a golf holiday in the Algarve for a group we offer our experience in the various aspects of arranging group discounts for courses, transfers and accommodation.

If a group consists of more than 16 players we will approach the selected courses to negotiate a lower discount green fee per player.

We strongly recommend that the larger the group size the more advance booking notice should be given to arrange convenient sequential tee times.

We know that arranging a holiday for a group can often be quite a task and we are ready to assist. When everyone in the group is readily available the website Doodle may be helpful to some in the planning stage.

A few courses automatically in the Algarve offer a "Group Deal" where 1 player in every 8 can play for free. The courses at present that offer 1 in 8 "Group Deal" are the following:

When a visiting group of 8 golfers or more golfers decide to play 3 or more of the courses from the selection shown below, we can arrange a "Group Deal" of 1 player in 8 free on the chosen courses.

The Faldo & OConnor courses also offer a 1 in 8 players free deal if you play both courses.

Algarve Group Transfer Bus

Green Fees & Tee Times
All golf course green fees, deals, and tee times displayed on Algarve Golf are offered at the lowest discounted rates permissible. We look forward to assisting you with your booking in Portugal. ⛳
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