Pinheiros Altos Reviews

Peter from Germany
on Wed, 6th Mar 2024
Played there Feb 23 & 29, Mar 1 & 6:

Layout on all 3 courses is a bit boring, maintenance is ok, not as good as at the QDL/VDL courses. Lots of unrepaired pitchmarks, uneven cart path‘s. buggies too expensive, same as on QDL/VDL, but no GPS and some with old batteries, barely lasting 18 holes. Mats on the range hard as stone!

Accomodation Look like from the 70th. Some Investments needed.

Since Long time Unfinished condos along left side of Pines 8 & 9 giving a horrific scene, apparently belonging to the owner of the course as well as San Lorenzo. Improvements urgent

David from United Kingdom
on Thu, 29th Feb 2024
Played the olives and the pines ,course has 3 loops of nine ,course was good but the weather wasn’t has nice few holes with water but the bunkers were troublesome for me ,good practice facilities and free balls on the range
Peter Baumann from Portugal
on Wed, 24th Jan 2024
The course condition - we played Pines and Corks - is better than a year ago (apart from a few GUR), but still doesn't come close to the two Vale do Lobo and the three Quinta do Lago courses. Pinheiros Altos is the frontrunner in terms of buggy prices only: €55 for a buggy without GPS is an outrage in view of the buggy prices at VdL (€50, incl. GPS) and QdL (€45, incl. GPS).
Nicholas from United States
on Wed, 27th Dec 2023
So disappointing.
Played Corks & Olives - Corks really is a very disappointing 9, with only a couple of good holes (8&9). Condition of the course was, generally, not great. Cart paths very uneven (good luck if you have a back problem!), but it was the greens that were so poor, they looked like a teenager with particularly bad acne! Either from pitch marks (unrepaired) or, more significantly extensive fungal disease made the greens, already slow, impossible to roll the ball on.

Club facilities seem sadly right out of the 80’s - significant £investment is badly needed.

Not able to recommend I’m afraid, especially for £100 a round each (including buggy)!

Ivor from United Kingdom
on Fri, 10th Nov 2023
Condition not great, particularly the Olives.

Mosquitos made it especially problematic.

Joseph Mccarthy from United States
on Sat, 14th Oct 2023
Good layout and overall good w/some dry fairways.
Good layout, a few blind shots but had gps and yardage meter so was fine. Long course from whites but really enjoyed the challenge. Greens were in good condition. Played in threesome and pace was excellent (teed off at 7:36 and finished at 11:20.). Fairway had some bare spots but not Terrible as I have read in other reviews. Make agreement with others to move ball in fairways a foot or two even if not marked as ground under. Thinking the drought in region may further affect fairways and should bring price down a bit but for this time at peak October season it was decent and on par with course and conditions. (Understand the having a drought but if can’t water then prices should reflect.) I played cork nine and olives Nine. Cork is in good shape much better than olive. Overall good and would recommend.
Peter from United Kingdom
on Sat, 30th Sep 2023
Great place,love the island green
Alan from United Kingdom
on Mon, 11th Sep 2023
An inexpensive course by Quinta standards but needs some TLC.
Sylfest Muldal from United Kingdom
on Sun, 10th Sep 2023
50 plus Club annual golf weekend
Staff at the course are very helpful, but disappointed in the condition of the greens. I would not hire their clubs again, you don’t get a matching set of irons, rusty clubs with worn out grips. Worth shopping around for these.
Henrik Hausen from Germany
on Sun, 23rd Jul 2023
Quite good 4,5/5
The Oaks(9 holes) are fantastic, very scenic an in perfect conditions. Only the car paths are practice for the muscles in the back…that’s anoying.

The olives( 2nd 9holes) are very different, less maintained, open and wide with many and huge water hazards, at the end good to play.

All greens in very good shape(some areas seem to be infected, but far away from the flags…

Glen from United States
on Sun, 11th Jun 2023
Early bird Pinheiros Altos
Great knock. Tricky and interesting greens, pretty layout. The fairways were a bit rough in places, other than that highly recommended.
Kieran from United Kingdom
on Thu, 20th Apr 2023
Good course but scruffy in places
Kathleen from Switzerland
on Fri, 7th Apr 2023
We like the course but the signs of lack of maintenance are everywhere. The greens were decent. We started early and the pace of play was good.
Tony from Portugal
on Tue, 21st Mar 2023
Nice course
Nice course, all of the 3 x 9’s
Sylvia from Netherlands
on Sat, 11th Mar 2023
Please stop pushing flights one after another!
It's a lovely, beautiful and challenging course. Great water holes, nice shop and nice people. But please: Stop with pushing so many flights in!!! It took us five hours... Just wait 10 minutes between flight AND: have a marshal checking if flights keep up. CHECK handicaps! It takes out all the fun ánd focus ... It honestly takes out the fun ...
Rosemary from Ireland
on Fri, 24th Feb 2023
Not worth the money.
This course was in very poor condition. Fairways and bunkers very poor. Definitely not worth the money. €55 for a buggy way over the top.
Peter from Germany
on Tue, 24th Jan 2023
Staff would earn 6 Stars at least
Played Olive and Pines twice

Course condition is ok, however Bunkers needs to be filled up with Sand!!!

Kindness, helpfulness of all staffs is outstanding

Olivier Richard from France
on Thu, 19th Jan 2023
Very pleasant and well maintained

55€ for a buggy is quite excessive

James from Russian Federation
on Fri, 23rd Dec 2022
Not busy at all, but v good course we’ll worth playing
Peter from Portugal
on Mon, 28th Nov 2022
Excellent course
I hadn’t played the course since the extra nine holes were added some years ago, but I must say I was impressed. We played the Pines and the Corks both of which were in excellent condition and, I think, included all the ‘new’ holes. The signage was excellent throughout and the holes provided an interesting and varied set of challenges. The staff were attentive and helpful and the lunch excellent. I would thoroughly recommend the course and will definitely return next time I travel down to the Algarve (we live at Praia d’el Rey, on Portugal’s Silver Coast).
Tony from Portugal
on Thu, 24th Nov 2022
Nice 3 x 9 courses
Nice 3 x 9 courses with Pines and Cork preferred over Olive.
Steven Dranfield from United States
on Thu, 10th Nov 2022
Nice track, greens good, fairways a bit spotty. Better if a bundled buggy included cost exists. Enjoyed overall.
Taylor from United Kingdom
on Fri, 14th Oct 2022
Affordable and challenging.
Prices do not reflect the course, very friendly staff , we’ll kept course lots of character and stunning scenery. Only down side is the lack of Respect of holiday rounders who do not repairs pitch marks on the greens. thanks for a brilliant round and great experience.
Stuart from United Kingdom
on Thu, 13th Oct 2022
Always love this course
Duncan from Portugal
on Sat, 8th Oct 2022
GoNice course but slow play ruined enjoyment
Nice course, well maintained with good hole variety and good greens....,only complaint was spreed of play....ok we were a two ball but were happy to play in a very relaxed manner but were held up for 9 holes by a mixed four ball .....course never checked handicaps and I’d be amazed if the group in front were players or they would have either let us through or picked up more regularly after taking so many shots. Shame really as it spoilt what should have been a nice round on a good course.
William from United Kingdom
on Tue, 27th Sep 2022
Really enjoyed the course, and apart from a couple of greens it was in great condition.

Also, our transport let us down and the staff were really helpful in accommodating us.

Anthony from United Kingdom
on Mon, 26th Sep 2022
Very helpful staff. Good greens and fairways. A nice club atmosphere and good practice facilities.
Titine Del Boccio from Luxembourg
on Fri, 9th Sep 2022
Very nice place and good organisation.
Richard from Russian Federation
on Tue, 30th Aug 2022
Lovely resort course
Excellent resort course with water and pines focussing the mind on many holes. A few signs of lack of investment during Covid but a great layout and still plays well.
Steve from United States
on Tue, 30th Aug 2022
Go play Quinta do Lago instead for the same price
Course is ok, but not in the best conditions, especially the greens (see photo). For the price, go play any of the Quinta do Lago course instead. Buggy same price as other courses but not as nice.
Stewart from Portugal
on Sat, 20th Aug 2022
Great track really friendly staff, especially the guy who sorts out the buggies
Nicholas from United States
on Sat, 6th Aug 2022
Good course but, oh my, dire cart paths!
Played Corks and Olives off the white tees. Completely different test to the yellow tees with some genuinely hole changing, challenging tee shots. Course in good shape but badly let down by the shocking state of so many of the cart paths. Back breaking in a buggy! Need to do some big maintenance quickly.
Gary from United Kingdom
on Wed, 6th Jul 2022
Very dissapionting
Very dissapiontiing ..course bare and needing water..told to rush as a 50 man golf society behind us. Spoilt our round a made to rush the back 9 as slot the society in..
Stephen from Canada
on Thu, 9th Jun 2022
Check the condition
Great layout not the best condition unfortunately
Morgan from Portugal
on Tue, 24th May 2022
Very poor condition and complete deterioration from when I played many times 7 years ago!
Frederic from Portugal
on Fri, 20th May 2022
Good condition and enjoyed the round very much


David from Portugal
on Mon, 16th May 2022
Pinheiros Pleasure
Lovely course - played the Olives and Pines - teed off early and round in under three and a half hours. Will definitely play again.
Anthony from United Kingdom
on Wed, 20th Apr 2022
A disappointing experience on a course which has significantly deteriorated since I was last there.

Fairways in particular are poor, Greens okay but inconsistent. Will not be returning soon

GRAHAM from United Kingdom
on Sat, 9th Apr 2022
Don’t go there
Played 9 holes on the Olive course. Condition is like a cheap public course in UK. Will never play here again
Jan from Portugal
on Wed, 6th Apr 2022
Top course
Spectacular course. We played olive and pine and aside from vale de lobo ocean the best course so far out of the courses near vilamoura.

Fairways could be a bit better. Driving range balls are free. Staff is helpful and friendly. Although a short course with many theoretical drivable par4 , this was awesome. Would be 5 star view with better fairways.

Michael from United Kingdom
on Sat, 19th Mar 2022
Good but…..
Course in reasonable condition. Greens good. Let down by deteriorating cart paths making for a very bumpy ride in the buggies. Pace of play good.
Chris from Portugal
on Thu, 10th Feb 2022
Wonderful course, challenging for sure.
Tony from Portugal
on Mon, 7th Feb 2022
Pines trumps Olive and Cork
Enjoyable set of 3 x 9 hole courses. Best (for me) is Pines and then Olive.
Tony from Portugal
on Wed, 26th Jan 2022
Good and very enjoyable
3 x 9 course with ranking best to least best as follows: pine - olive - cork

Notwithstanding my ranking, the courses are good and enjoyable. Very good practice facilities that enhance the overall good value.

Iris from Germany
on Sat, 22nd Jan 2022
Very good
Lovely course very enjoyable - staff is very friendly - Food is delicious!
Gerlinde from Austria
on Fri, 31st Dec 2021
We played the Cork (beautiful) and the Olive (a bit boring) nines, of course it's a first class course at the Algarve but we played better ones. Buggies very expensive - € 50.
Fred Kenneally from Portugal
on Sat, 27th Nov 2021
Enjoyable course
Not a long course overall, but very enjoyable. Played the Olives and Pines courses and found the greens in superb condition. Very good par 3s.
Maura from Ireland
on Thu, 4th Nov 2021
Early bird was a great option
We loved this course. Challenging but very pleasant.
Ed from United Kingdom
on Fri, 8th Oct 2021
very well designed golf course
Challenging and very well designed golf course
Rowan from United Kingdom
on Fri, 8th Oct 2021
Greens in poor condition
Leigh from United Kingdom
on Wed, 6th Oct 2021
Hmmmn. Course layout is pretty good but the greens, tees and fairways really needed a cut. Quite a few of the greens had scarring too - not that great considering that October is supposed to be peak season. Paid just over 70€ for an early bird tee time, definitely wouldn’t have been happy if paying full rate. For similar money, I would think that the VDL courses are a much better option.
Paul from Ireland
on Thu, 30th Sep 2021
I love the course. I’ve played here 4 times.

Needs a bit of loving. Greens look tired and bare in places. Paths need repair.

Sonia from Switzerland
on Sat, 18th Sep 2021
Abwechslungsreicher Platz
Abwechslungsreicher Platz und anspruchsvoll zu spielen. Einige Doglegs, ondulierte Greens und bestens durch Greenbunker verteidigt.

Bunkerschläge sollten geübt sein.

Ross from United Kingdom
on Sun, 5th Sep 2021
Such a shame
In bad need of investment and repair. Greens borderline unplayable.
jason from Portugal
on Fri, 20th Aug 2021
Bit disappointed
I havnt played this course for a number of years and was really looking forward to it as it used to be one of my favourites , fairways were averAge, quite patchy , need ed watering , the greens were very poor, lots of weeds, very ‘wooly’ and lots of dead patches , only 3/4 were of standard expected, i appreciate we have had covid but as a member of a course in the UK It was clear to see the greens and course had been neglected. Not really worth the money paid
Paul from United Kingdom
on Tue, 3rd Aug 2021
All good
Great course pines/corks, great service.
Darren from United Kingdom
on Sat, 17th Jul 2021
Golf Pin
Great clubhouse and service. The course layout is good played The Corks and Olives however conditions are poor compared to other courses in the area. That all said it is cheaper than others get what you pay for I guess!
Pamela Grant from Switzerland
on Fri, 25th Jun 2021
Pleasant course but needs more care/investment
Used to be a very well maintained course but now needs a lot of TLC! Pretty layout, easy course to play. Pity appears to be little investment in the course maintenance . Staff friendly and helpful.
Craig from Russian Federation
on Mon, 14th Jun 2021
Average and overpriced
Played the Olive and Pines.. Both has interesting designs and could be fabulous if maintained better. Course were a bit dry and patchy and tatty..looked like staff did not care about the property. The greens were true and for the most part good. Quite a few looked like they had a disease problem. Overall very overpriced compared to the Roal or ocean courses up the road.
Javier from Spain
on Sun, 6th Jun 2021
Good course. Needs renewal and maintenance
Interesting and challenging 3 x 9 course. Not in good condition this time
craig from Portugal
on Wed, 2nd Jun 2021
poor show even for €68
I thought this was a really poor layout and easy to get lost if it's your 1st time playing the course.

The greens are the worst I've played on in Portugal. I was told there were no buggies available by Algarve golf, but when I arrived there was, but only now the guy tried to charge me €50. To be fair if you want a few interesting holes and are not that bothered about the standard of the course, then crack on, otherwise, I'd advise staying well clear IMHO! (handicap 8)

Pieter from Belgium
on Mon, 10th May 2021
Challenging, not very well maintained course.
Average maintained course.

No buggy included in contradiction with the offer (7 different reasons...). Not very helpful staff (we did not get a scorecard or any idea of flag position).

Challenging course.

Rene from Russian Federation
on Sat, 8th May 2021
Friendly staff - Course in good condition
Great and friendly staff! We played the red and yellow course and loved ist.
Kathleen from Switzerland
on Mon, 3rd May 2021
Some interesting holes and no crowds
Pinheiros's conditions have improved slightly since our last round 2 years ago. We paid a reasonable price and were pleased to not have any waiting time. Due to the continuing Corona slowdown the pace of play was quick and there was no waiting.
Kathleen from Switzerland
on Thu, 29th Apr 2021
Along with San Lorenzo, this course has benefitted from the corona 'rest'. The fairways were no longer brownish and thin of grass. Lovely to play without any pressure from behind. Greens were fine - nothing to complain about. Our buggy was rather old.
Jan from Netherlands
on Fri, 23rd Oct 2020
pyramid of golfballs
Pinheiros Altos is an exciting 27 holes golfcourse. The clubhouse is very cosy and has the atmosphere of membership golfcourse instead of resortisch. Although the greens suffer a bit of fungus it remains an honest test.

Drivingrange facilities are like championship conditions with te pyramid of golfballs challenge you for serious practise. The island hole at the 8th of Olives is a test you won't forget.

Michael from Ireland
on Tue, 29th Sep 2020
Lack of investment
Great layout bit overall condition of course shows it tired and unloved recently . The paths are cobble and in awful condition and may cause accidents , Greens are very poor , cracked with bare patches , fairways mostly decent and some very good design Virus might be a factor ?
mark from Ireland
on Thu, 24th Sep 2020
The course was not in a great condition. The greens appeared to be diseased so very bumpy
Trevor Richardson from United Kingdom
on Thu, 10th Sep 2020
Lovely peaceful course, great setting
Played here many times now. Facilities and clubhouse are magnificent. Played the Pines and Corks this time, which are tight but very playable. Greens in excellent condition and running true. Some thought needed as you plot your way around the course. Some holes are very similar, which reduces the interest a little but overall there is sufficient variety. I love coming here, always the same welcome and satisfying round. Only issue was we were required to return buggies by 7.45pm, but a marshal came out just after 7.15 to remind us of this and that the sprinklers will shortly be turned on, which put off one of our players and he finished the last 2 holes very badly which adversly affected his round and final score. Shame, totally unnecessary and should have been avoided. Officials please note.
Graeme from Portugal
on Wed, 26th Aug 2020
I have played here many times but oh my goodness how this course has slid down the order. Tee to green looking as normal but the greens are close to writing off. No speed in them at all.
Tom Fordham from Portugal
on Thu, 6th Aug 2020
Good but not great
Course very quiet due to current pandemic and with buggy as a single player got round 18 in just over 2 hours. Felt that greens had a mixture of grasses and some damage but still rolled true. Not as glamorous feeling as some of the other courses in the area but still a nice course with good holes that offer chances although I didn’t take many!!
Ian from United Kingdom
on Mon, 20th Jul 2020
Another great evening outing. Very quiet. Good fun.
roger from United Kingdom
on Wed, 8th Jul 2020
Pineiros Altos golf course
Nice courses. Played Pines then Corks. Could do with peripheral maintenance but greens and fairways in good condition. Sometimes not easy to find the distance markers though
Ian from United Kingdom
on Thu, 2nd Jul 2020
Quick round.
Another great day. Really enjoyed the course. A different combination but good condition. Not coping with the greens. Not as fast as you think they must be.
Ian from United Kingdom
on Thu, 25th Jun 2020
Thursday evening round.
Very quiet. Good condition. Got round in under 3 hours playing on my own. A four ball let me through. Very enjoyable.
Nigel Nash from United Kingdom
on Sat, 25th Jan 2020
Always Enjoy Playing Here
Pinheiros Altos is made up of 3 nine holes, we played the pines and the olives which is a mixture of trees and lakes. Fairways were a little tired but apart from that a very good course with the signature hole being the 8th on the Olives course (island green)
petrus from Netherlands
on Tue, 29th Oct 2019
Nice course to play. The greens at the Oliveira course where unfortunately not in a good shape. Nice staff. Enjoyed our play.
Sjef Scholte from Portugal
on Thu, 24th Oct 2019
Great course

Why is a buggy not included ?

Colin from United Kingdom
on Mon, 21st Oct 2019
A little Gem
Lovely course, we played Pines and Cork as there are three 9 holes courses.

Staff friendly, range balls included though €50 for a buggy is excessive.

Course was generally in good condition, it is a course/s where you need to think your way around, ball position is key.

Greens were a little slow for me but maybe its the time of the year and compared to the other courses we played very good condition

Rosemary from United Kingdom
on Sun, 20th Oct 2019
Olive was closed which was disappointing. We were not impressed with the greens. Course work has to be done but should not charge high prices when greens so poor and just been sanded. We played at Espiche, greens superb and much better value, worth the drive.
Bertrand from Canada
on Wed, 16th Oct 2019
Excellent fine course.
Mark from United Kingdom
on Sat, 21st Sep 2019
Need to hit a straight ball everytime
A testing course. Lots of narrow fairways and umbrella pines to catch your ball if your aren’t accurate. I wasn’t. I enjoyed the course, but wouldn’t like to play it if I wasn’t playing well or had a high handicap
Eoin from Ireland
on Mon, 9th Sep 2019
Played the olives and pines 9s...olives wasnt in great condition was a bit burnt and rough but pines was in excellent condition and was forgiving enough for all levels of golfer
Graham from United Kingdom
on Thu, 11th Jul 2019
An ideal resort golf course in good condition. Staff are friendly and facilities are good. Well worth a visit
Martin from United Kingdom
on Wed, 10th Jul 2019
Good course in good condition. Great value not too difficult a course, good for holiday golf.
Ian from United Kingdom
on Mon, 13th May 2019
Enjoyable day, good but not excellent.
Beautiful clubhouse and facilities and very friendly staff. Played the Cork 9 first, greens excellent but fairways were a bit rough. The second 9 was the olives, very enjoyable and good condition. The first hole a little odd as difficult to know where you were going. Would recommend getting a cart.

Rating given based on value for money, at circa €100 on this occasion it’s not compared favourably to Vale do Lobo Royal, Millennium and Quinta Do Lago South. If a little tidier on front 9 (Corks) would have rated higher.

Kathleen from Switzerland
on Wed, 24th Apr 2019
Best Value in the Area
On the plus side, there are 3 9 hole courses to choose from. You can also chose from normal, twilight or early bird bookings. In addition, range balls are included in the green fee. The range itself offers a short game area that is large enough. The course is in good condition, with the occasional divot hole on the fairway or hard area around the green (found on almost all courses in the region). The greens are fine.
Kathleen from Switzerland
on Sat, 13th Apr 2019
Good value for money
Love the early bird play on this course. Finishing 18 holes in less than 4 hours (walking) without any stress or waiting is a pleasure. The course is in fair to good condition and the greens in good to excellent condition. There are some interesting holes to keep things from getting boring. There are 3 different 9 holes, of which we played the pines and olives. The driving range would be the best in the area if they would replace the 'carpet' covering - it tends to be too hard. There is a short game area which is large enough.
Kathleen from Switzerland
on Mon, 25th Mar 2019
Good value
The course is in decent condition (some of the fairways on the Pines 9 holes are a little ratty, but not terrible). The greens are in good shape and puttable. Finishing with a par 3 is not usual. The course offers early bird tee times, which mean faster play (not to mention lower prices).
David from United Kingdom
on Fri, 8th Mar 2019
Good condition. Enjoyable layout. Helpful staff. Good facilities.

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