Morgado Golf Course Tips

Hole 1 (Par 4)
342 305 250
With Out of Bounds running down the right side and a line of centrally placed fairway bunkers designed to catch the long drive, an ideal tee shot is to play short of the left hand bunker which is visible from all the tees. This takes away any unnecessary risk and the player is left with a fairly straight forward shot to the green.

Hole 2 (Par 4)
373 343 273
The first hole is a tee drive just to the right of the bunker onto a generous fairway. The next shot has to be played carefully as it is made to one of the most difficult greens to hit on the course. The up-slope on the apron of the green stops any shot played just too short and a hidden bunker at the back of the green collects those slightly over-hit. When undecided this is definitely a case of better to play short than long.

Hole 3 (Par 5)
535 499 428
This hole is considered the most difficult hole on the course and for good reason. Do not be fooled by the landing zone which looks quite generous for the tee shot. The temptation is to hit the tee shot down the right side of the fairway due to the lake running down on its left. However, the Out of Bounds down the right is not only closer than it looks, the terrain also slopes subtlety towards in its direction. Any slightly faded tee shot from a right handed player will be likely to pay the ultimate price. Thus a straight tee shot is of great importance. Be careful of the bunkers designed to catch the second shot as they are large, especially the one defending on the front right hand side of the green. Consequently, playing the ideal line is between the left hand edge of the bunker and the lake.

Hole 4 (Par 4)
359 322 268
With the lake again down the left side of the fairway, a precise tee shot is required. For the longer hitter a three wood would safely lay up short of the fairway bunkers. A faded iron to the green for the right hander takes away the threat of tough bunkers on the right and at the back of the green.

Hole 5 (Par 3)
209 188 143
An accurate straight tee shot is required on this classically built par-3 with large bunkers on the left and right of the green.

Hole 6 (Par 4)
364 329 283
A hole to tempt the long hitter to give it the “big one” - forget it. The only way to safely play this hole is to lay up short of the bunker. Upon arriving at this point the p0layer will realise how much the lake on the left comes into play and this is a factor not visible from the tee. The second shot should ideally be shaped from right to left taking the deepest bunker on the course out of play.

Hole 7 (Par 5)
484 451 383
This hole should be played as it is shaped. A right to left tee shot to the cross bunkers followed by a second down the left side of the fairway opens up the green nicely. Be aware of the length of the green in regard to the pin position as this can sometimes deceive the eye.

Hole 8 (Par 3)
197 179 123
A hidden row of bunkers running up the left side of the green will catch the adventurous but slightly short tee shot. A right to left shaped shot is again probably ideal. The hole plays longer than its distance so do not be afraid to take a club more.

Hole 9 (Par 4)
282 262 6
Any tee shot down the right is fine leaving a straight forward pitch to the green.

Hole 10 (Par 5)
511 468 398
After a fairly straight forward tee shot the ideal line is just to the right of the tree hanging over the top of the second bunker on the left. A well struck second shot in this direction takes literally all the danger out of the hole in the way of a range of bunkers situated down the right.

Hole 11 (Par 3)
166 150 97
The hole requires a solid tee shot as the bunkers on the right cut back more than one thinks. Back left looms a hidden pot bunker.

Hole 12 (Par 4)
302 293 257
Depending on the players ability this hole can be attacked directly by a long hitter, especially when the prevailing wind is from behind. The other option is visible from the tee by taking a trusted club to get into play by landing between the bunkers. The second shot is thereafter straight forward to a large green.

Hole 13 (Par 5)
483 448 384
Keep the tee shot down the left side of the fairway on this excellent par-5. After a good tee shot the player when in range may gamble to hit the second shot over the last row of fairway bunkers. The reward is an upward third shot to a large green. Any attempt to play short of the bunkers normally due to the downward sloping dry fairway results in the ball finishing in them. The long hitter may reach this green with two strokes. However, anything drifting slightly to the right and short is going down the large slope bordering the fairway.

Hole 14 (Par 4)
326 303 254
Play the hole as it is visually seen is again the best option. Laying up either between the left and right bunkers presents the ideal approach line into the green.

Hole 15 (Par 4)
313 391 233
The hole presents the golfer with two options. Firstly, the tee drive should be placed short of the top right hand bunker leaving a challenging second to a narrow green. Then the second shot should be played slightly over the right hand bunker as there is more green and safety in this area as seen from down on the fairway. The second option is for the longer hitter who can go straight for the green depending on the wind.

Hole 16 (Par 5)
527 495 416
The hidden bunkers down the right side of the fairway makes the necessity to drive off down the left hand side. A second shot placed down the slope on the fairway rewards the player for the approach with one of the easier shots on the course.

Hole 17 (Par 3)
211 166 104
When this hole is played into a prevailing wind throw the yardage chart away. Even for top professionals it can require a full driver. Keep bailing out to the left as an obvious option.

Hole 18 (Par 4)
415 365 324
Two fine shots are required to reach the green on this superb finishing hole. A low hard draw starting over the front right bunker for the right hander is ideal. If there is any wind the ball will have a tendency to “hang” so choose plenty of club for the second shot. Apart from a solitary top right bunker all the difficulty is situated before the flag. Thus, long is better than short.

Morgado Golf Course Layout

Morgado Golf Course layout
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