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Overloaded? I
Sun, 8th Apr 2018

We played the Alvor & Praia sections very good ! Just one note ; at one stage we were asked by a coarse ranger, if we were enjoying ourselves; It turned out to be an excuse to ask us to speed up! Totally unnecessary as we were a clear two holes ahead of the group behind & right behind the group in front ? Very strange? I pointed this out to the ranger; this was met by a comment about speeding everybody up? If you are loading the coarse up to much ; please don’t put unnecessary pressure on your guests!
Hurry up
Sun, 8th Apr 2018

Great course , Veiws are fantastic!Just a word of warning , at one stage a coarse ranger came up to us, to ask if we were enjoying? It turned out it was a excuse to ask us to speed up! Well excuse me , as we were. right behind the group in front ,and two holes in front of the group behind,I questioned the request? Only to be told that he was trying to speed everybody up! We paid good money to play and I don’t think it’s very fair to put unnecessary pressure on our game!If they are over booking the coarse it’s not the customers fault!Having said that I would definitely play again!
Weekend Golf on the sunny Algarve
Sat, 7th Apr 2018

It rained heavy! But that did not spoil the experience, the coarse is challenging but great fun , we had a good round .The coarse is in good condition as are the greens. All the Staff are very friendly! Looking forwards to playing it againThanks team Boavista!
Fri, 6th Apr 2018
Vale da Pinta
Sun, 21st May 2017
Fri, 19th May 2017
Silves Golf
Sun, 13th Nov 2016
Sat, 12th Nov 2016
Fri, 11th Nov 2016
Silves Golf
Thu, 27th Oct 2016
Wed, 26th Oct 2016

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