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Mon, 1st Oct 2007
The inaugural 'Portugal Nations Cup' organised by the Federation of Portuguese Golf was held on the Ocean course in Vale do Lobo. A total of 16 teams defended their respective countries. Both England and Ireland drew for 1st place on the 18th green. However, a count-back gave the edge to England and winning the Cup.
Sat, 1st Sep 2007
Europe's finest young amateurs participated in the 'Portugal Nations Cup' which was held at Vale do Lobo on the Royal and Ocean Courses. Fourteen selected teams from their respected countries fought each other over three rounds with the English team taking first prize and Ireland in second.
Thu, 1st Sep 2005
The finals of the 'Lombard Trophy' this year will be at Vale do Lobo's Ocean Course from 14th to the 18th of September. This Pro-Am event involves several qualifying competitions throughout the UK.
Fri, 1st Aug 2003
Frederick Jacobson - (Sweden) Algarve Open de Portugal Vale do Lobo - Algarve - Portugal - 17th to 20th April, 2003 The opening day of the Algarve Open brought to the top of the scoreboard the winner of the Hong Kong in December the Swedish golfer Federick Jacobson who created a course record with a round of 64. Two strokes behind him was the Englishman, Greig Owen with a score of 66. Lying in tied third place were Bradley Dredge from Wales (the recent Madeira Open winner), Carlos Rodiles from Spain, both with 69 strokes. The second round accompanied by an influencing wind factor brought the local Swedish favorite of Jarmo Sandelin to a best day score of 67. Lying second for the day was the German Marcal Seim with a 68. The combined leadership board ended with Grieg Owen on top with 136 strokes, followed by Marcel Seim with 139. Frederik Jacobson had slipped down with a round of 76 placing him in third place along with Carlos Rodiles. The cut placed many well know Volvo Order of Merit names out of contention for the third days play, which also including all the local national players. English golfer Richard Sterne achieved the lowest score for the third day at 69. Once again Frederik Jacobson came to the fore sharing the second best round of the day of 71 with Brian Davis from England and Maarten Lafeber from Holland. In the morning of the final day the leader board showed a group of some nine players within competitive striking distance of victory. Once again in top position was Frederik Jacobson with 211 strokes, followed by Welshman Jamie Donaldson and Englishman Brain Davis, both with 212 strokes. These players were followed by Marcel Seim and Richard Sterne both with 215. As the day progressed no new contenders appeared to join the top group. This band of players progressed through the afternoon heading for what seemed to be a possible play-off between Jacobson, Dredge, Davis, Donaldson and Owen. Towards the end Grieg Owen was the first to fall away leaving the other four golfers to battle for the first prize. On the 17th hole Jacobson then made a stunning chip to the green and scored an eagle. Although he lost a stroke on the 18th hole he turned in a card with a round of 72 that gave him the Algarve Open with a final combined score of 283 and 5 strokes under par. In tied second place with 285 strokes were Bradley Dredge, Jamie Donaldson and Brian Davis. The best round of the final day of 68 strokes was shared between Jarmo Sandelin, Bradley Dredge, Jamie Donaldson and James Kingston. Jacobson admitted afterwards that he felt confident during the four days play but tension really came to the fore on the final two holes! Once again the Open has produced some new names heading for the top 25 in the Volvo Order of Merit.
Sat, 1st Mar 2003
Carl Pettersson (Sweden) Algarve Open de Portugal Vale do Lobo - Algarve - Portugal - 4th to 7th April, 2002 Carl Pettersson of Sweden won the wind and rain-affected Algarve Open de Portugal at the first hole after a sudden-death playoff. Carl Pettersson moved up 40 places to No.67. David Gilford finished in the runner-up spot and he moved to No.287. Carl Pettersson's victory at Vale de Lobo means that he is now the 4th highest ranked Swede in the World. The strong Swedish contingent within the World Top 100 consists of Niclas Fasth – No.34, Jesper Parnevik – No.35, Pierre Fulke – No.57, Carl Pettersson – No.67, Mathias Gronberg – No.83 and Robert Karlsson – No.96.
Sat, 1st Mar 2003
Golf Director John Pinckney joined the Vale do Lobo Resort two years ago. He brought with him not only his love for the sport but also his considerable business experience. As a youngster he had by the age of 15 reduced his handicap down to a proud 1 stroke. After leaving school, circumstances took him in another direction and before long he was making a name for himself in the financial field of the City of London. As is generally inevitable in life, John had to face another change in direction and decided to return back to the world of golf where he keenly admits he should have stayed from the beginning. Prior to joining VLD (as it is locally known), he held senior management positions in both the Brocket Hall Golf Club owned by CCA, and the Hertfordshire Golf and Country Club owned by American Golf-UK Limited. John was quickly introduced to local event problems shortly after joining VDL when he was involved in the organization of the 'The Skins'. This event took place during unusual drastic weather conditions that caused for some delicate handling. John is enthusiastically looking forward to the possible new challenges presented by the Open with its 135 top players on a course which spreads itself across the two by combining a selection of the best scenic and most challenging holes. Some other temporary topographical adjustments have also been necessary to ensure that all the facilities that the players expect during the course of the competition are on hand. John considers that all is in place and the course condition meets the high level expected by such an international event. As to the future there are lots of plans. A programme of works will upgrade the Ocean Course and there is also an additional third course planned together with a 5 Star Hotel. John firmly believes that the future of the Algarve is closely tied to further premium developments being created in order to be in harmony with the international market trends. Carlota Rodrigues is John's right-hand and joined his team just some 5 months ago. Carlota brings some formidable qualifications besides her attractive presence. This young lady has a degree in Golf Management & Teaching she acquired in San Diego and on the course she plays of a solid 4. In conversation she mentioned that she also enjoys a good game of tennis! John, Carlota and the Resident Pro Stephen Walker, are heavily involved in promoting golf to local youngsters and this is kindly sponsored by VDL. Every week for a period of four months a group of selected 16 youngsters ranging in age from 11 to 15 are taught the basics and then introduced to the physical side of the game. Stephen is the son of Janet Walker who many golfers will remember from the 70s and 80s as the Golf Secretary for over 16 years. The enthusiasm and input of this team will undoubtedly be proven sometime in the not distant future! The constantly busy spacious reception desk is managed by Hermani Estevao who is assisted by Telma, Andre, Sandra, Ricardo, Rita, Anicieto and Victoria. Together with the pressure of the many visitors this team also copes ably with the three different and very active groups composed of resident VDL golfers. The state of the courses lies in the hands of Inacio Coelho who is answerable to the VDL overall Technical Director, Eng. Luis Matos. The Greenkeeper Sr Coelho brought with him 12 years ago the experience he had gained on similar courses of Quinta do Lago and Vila Sol and has now had the total responsibility for the upkeep of Vale do Lobo's two courses for the past 4 years. Luis Matos has worked in Vale do Lobo as an Agricultural Engineer for 29 years and has been the Golf Course Technical Director for 20 years. He commented, 'We have a great team and our aim is to have the course in the best possible condition for the Pros to play in the Open, and in accordance with all the requirements laid down by the PGA'. Sr. Coelho and his team have been working extremely hard and those efforts are clearly producing good results. In closing, I would like to mention to the many car enthusiasts that the VDL is also presenting a Vintage Car Exhibition close to the reception area during the Algarve Portuguese Open. Also, to the back of the Bar area there is a permanent collection of memorabilia devoted to the history of the Courses and particularly to the architect, Sir Henry Cotton.

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