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Alto Golf
Thu, 12th Jul 2018
Penina Championship
Don't Waste Your Money
Tue, 10th Jul 2018

Where do I start?I played Penina about 20 years ago and remember it being a great course. Not anymore. The greens had been hollow tined and sanded, but the course didnt think this was important enough to provide a discount or even let us know in advance.They put us out on the 10th unnecessarily. Courses are designed to be played 1 through 18.We were a 4-ball and as part of the terms and conditions the course reserves the right to make your group, if smaller, up to a 4-ball. Why then did they put multiple 2-balls behind us (all residents), therby putting us under constant pressure? During the round we let 4 groups through but this never relieved the pressure and we had to stop doing this as there was a never-ending stream behind us champing at the bit. Ther is no way that they were allowing 8 minutes between tee times.The course itself is looking rough around the edges and they are obviously not carrying out enough mainenance. This was in evidence when one of my group thinned a ball into the face of a bunker only for the bunker to gobble it up. The lip of the bunker had, what can only be described as the bristles of a baleen whale (look it up) hanging down from it. In 30 years of playing golf I have never seen this happen before on any course, anywhere. The only way to retrive the ball was to rake under the bristles with an upturned club until it fell out. Find that one in the rules!Finally, the staff are completely apathetic and customer care is not high on their agenda.

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