Silves Golf Course Tips

Hole 1 (Par 4)
312 301 294
The opening hole is very straightforward with a tee drive up over the crest of the upward slope. On the left and right are water hazards that will cause problems to any error in the drive. The approach is into a butterfly shaped green.

Hole 2 (Par 4)
317 295 260
The second hole has a well placed bunker on the right of the fairway and a further protecting left front banker of the green.

Hole 3 (Par 4)
273 226 199
This short third hole with a protecting bunker in front of the green.

Hole 4 (Par 3)
136 124 116
A reasonable length for a par 3 hole with a central bunker protecting the green.

Hole 5 (Par 5)
461 447 433
A hole with a straight fairway and a large bunker to the front of the green.

Hole 6 (Par 3)
201 192 132
This hole is of a testing distance for most average players. The green has bunkers front left and to the rear.

Hole 7 (Par 5)
573 542 481
A seventh hole which is a dogleg left to the end of the fairway.

Hole 8 (Par 4)
399 388 333
The eighth hole is bends to the the right with a front protecting bunker.

Hole 9 (Par 3)
182 170 164
The ninth hole is of a comfortable length with bunkers left and right of the green.

Hole 10 (Par 4)
306 289 267
This hole requires an accurate approach shot across the water hazard to land on a green with a large bunker font left.

Hole 11 (Par 4)
289 277 251
A dogleg on the eleventh hole with a threatening placed bunker on the right of the landing area. The green has also a well placed protecting bunker.

Hole 12 (Par 3)
171 156 114
A reasonable short twelve hole demanding accuracy and careful club selection from the tee.

Hole 13 (Par 5)
483 470 431
An interesting hole which can tempt the long hitters. It is a dogleg to the right with a lake which needs to be carried in order to make a par. Unfortunately, a large bunker has also to be carried between the lake and the edge of the green.

Hole 14 (Par 3)
150 135 127
Another reasonable distanced hole with a dogleg to the right just before the green which also requires accuracy from the tee.

Hole 15 (Par 4)
319 293 275
A hole bending to the left and the usual bunker to the front of the green.

Hole 16 (Par 3)
159 136 119
The sixteenth hole requires good club choice and also accuracy from the tee.

Hole 17 (Par 5)
521 488 445
A hole which bends to the right but players need to hit short of the stream that crosses the fairway. The approach to the green involves on the right a bunker and a further water hazard.

Hole 18 (Par 4)
363 327 287
The finishing hole has a bunker to the left of the landing area from the tee drive to catch long hitters. The approach shot has to consider the two front bunkers guarding the green.

Silves Golf Course Layout

Silves Golf Course layout
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