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Country: Portugal

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on Fri, 3rd Feb 2017
Great service
The service provided by yourselves has been 1st class I will be booking at least one more round of golf with yourselves before going home on 8th February. Thanks for everything. Stevie.
Thank you kindly Steven, James will send you an email shortly.

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No buggies on fairways
Wed, 1st Feb 2017

Having played both courses this week I was disappointed by the fact I paid for a buggy but was told to stay off the fairways on both occasions,buggies cost a fair bit of money so why does no one tell us we cannot use the buggy to reach our ball unless we keep it to the side of fairway next to cart path.No doubt the courses dont want us to know about this until we get there and most times you have paid in advance so no chance of a refund.Seems to me courses are more interested in getting money out of visitors whether we enjoyed the course or not is not important as get the money first.
Buggies and fairways
Sat, 28th Jan 2017

Told not to use buggies on fairways at Alamos because fairways are sodden,there was nothing wrong with fairways,there were some really bad patches but common sense tells you no to drive over them.Spent more time walking back and forth to play my shots.Would have been better with a trolley or carrying my clubs would not have walked as much.As per normal it comes down to money,chances are you paid in advance so you have paid for something you cannot use intended.Cannot blame booking agency but the courses should be telling agency that buggies are limited to cart paths.

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