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Name: Frank
Country: Portugal

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Quinta do Lago South
Fri, 12th Oct 2018

Wonderful course, in good shape. Greens are nice. Personell not trained properly. Too much money for the service you get. It just seems it is the last money grqb before somebody will switch the lights out. Has anybody looked around and saw young people play?
Old Course
Wed, 10th Oct 2018

What a beautiful course and then I was hooked up with a threesome that were a complete disgrace. I have no problem playing with 60 handycappers as long as they understand and follow the ettiquette of golf. No, I certainly did not enjoy myself.

Greens are a disaster. Way too high a price to play with a inferior service to top it. Yes, I understand: if you can get away with over charging you do it. However, I am out. I wish I would gave taken photos of freebs and tee boxes.

Arrived at the first tee two minutes before my actual tee time. The twosome I was supposed to ply with had been sent out and I was told by the caddy master, while has was handing me the score card, that when it is busy they try to get the players out on the course. The inly thing they create is long waiting times on the course. However: if you can grab the money, do it while you think you can. Just not mine anymore

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