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Michael from United Kingdom
on Tue, 3rd Oct 2023
Stay on the fairway or in real trouble
Lovely course but very tough, no room for a wayward shot. Played with two lovely members who showed us round.

Makes you think about course management.

edward from United Kingdom
on Fri, 22nd Sep 2023
would not include on my play list
Pretty course but with the hard dry fairways and hardly any fringe to difficult for higher handicap golfers
David from United Kingdom
on Thu, 21st Sep 2023
Espiche Golf Course
Very enjoyable course which would definitely suit a straight hitter. Certainly play it better second time round.
Giacomo Malvermi from Portugal
on Wed, 20th Sep 2023
Lost balls
Inland course, built in what must have been farm land and olive groves. on gentle undulating hills. Very new, with development in abundance on land adjacent to the course.

The positives: Lovely staff, great facilities and clubhouse.

The negatives: The course itself. Far too tight. They obviously didn't have enough land. Lots of scrub and thorny bushes off piste. Lots of OBs and lateral water hazards (without water) Even when you hit a good drive as I did on 18th you can run into trouble into a water hazard on right. We all hit 3 great drives on the first par five on the back nine only to all three lose our balls. I actually lost 9 balls on this round which is a lifetime record for me. Even if you go slightly off you will alnost certainly never find your ball. Not really a course where you can liberally use a driver, so if you're happy to use long irons off the tee then you'll like it.. Nice fairways, slow greens which were in very good condition.

Sorry Espiche, I 100% won't be going back

Marc from Canada
on Mon, 18th Sep 2023
Great course, wonderful staff reception an excellent experience
Doug from United States
on Thu, 14th Sep 2023
Nice day at Espiche
My first time playing an Algarve course, the layout was challenging yet fair. Good use of the terrain. Greens in great shape.
Max from Portugal
on Mon, 4th Sep 2023
Espiche Review
Lovely course, with great scenery. Staff very helpful and welcoming at the course also. Clubs we hired weren't the best but they were the only ones they had at the time for being left handed. Would see however should be slightly less than the price charged for what is on offer, all in all a worthwhile and enjoyable day.
Martyn from United Kingdom
on Wed, 23rd Aug 2023
Fantastic course, food and staff
Brilliant course in exceptional condition especially the greens which could not be faulted. Very nice clubhouse with good food and all the staff were very friendly. So good we immediately booked again for the next day. Cannot speak highly enough.
Robin from Portugal
on Fri, 21st Jul 2023
July 2023
Read the reviews and was a little suspicious.

Welcome was warm and clubhouse very cool and modern. Little bit out of town, down a track being worked on when I visited.

Course is interesting. Fairways are quite thin and yes can easily lose balls in rough. But found it quite interesting. Had to think a lot about shots. The biggest issue was wind. It was really windy when I played. Could turn a decent shot into a absolute disaster, take lots of ammo. But when I got over the slight strop of wind ruining some shots and just decided to enjoy was good fun. Greens very good nick.

Philipp from Portugal
on Fri, 30th Jun 2023
Go there! It is worth it!
Nice remote Golf course near Lagos. Very good conditions and very nice staff. The Range has good conditions. Highly recommend using a buggy. A lot of up and down. Fairways are narrow and have a good slope. You can hit the fairway on the right and find your ball down on the left.
Graham from United Kingdom
on Thu, 22nd Jun 2023
Espiche untidy newish venue
Never played here before so did not know what to expect. Found it to be similar to a few courses I had played in southern Spain. Definitely a course where buggies are a must.

Lots of weird bounces on fairways which was challenging.

It may be good to return in about another 5 yrs when the course is more established

ken from United Kingdom
on Mon, 19th Jun 2023
Good shots still went off the fairway. Great greens
Christina from Portugal
on Mon, 12th Jun 2023
In good condition

We only played 13 holes because it started to Rain.

CON from United Kingdom
on Wed, 24th May 2023
Staff were great Didn’t get to complete the round because of lightning. We’ll be back.
Christina from Portugal
on Tue, 11th Apr 2023
Nice Course!
Christina from Portugal
on Tue, 11th Apr 2023
Nice Course!
Keith Lewis from United Kingdom
on Tue, 28th Mar 2023
Challenging Course
Another tough course that players harder than its slope rating. Quite good condition with quick greens and a lot of run that can get you in trouble if you don't know the course.
Celyne from Portugal
on Fri, 3rd Mar 2023
So much promise…
Nice facility, well kept. Great big va greens and nicely placed bunkers challenge approach by shots. The va back nine especially va has too be many by blind shots and too many fairways that are elevated in the middle sending we’ll hit shots into the hazard by lining the fairways. Grass is still largely dormant so the roll is incredible.
Ann from United States
on Sat, 11th Feb 2023
Lovely course. Beautiful scenery.
Chris from Netherlands
on Sat, 11th Feb 2023
This course remains one if my favourites.

Out in the open.

Chris from United Kingdom
on Fri, 3rd Feb 2023
Espiche inFeb
Good condition, unforgiving if you are not on the fairway. Good value, warm reception.
William from United Kingdom
on Mon, 23rd Jan 2023
Enjoyed playing, greens immaculate.
Geraldine from United Kingdom
on Thu, 19th Jan 2023
Espiche fab course fab food
Challenging course but most enjoyable take care off the tee as the fairways are quite tight.
John from United Kingdom
on Thu, 12th Jan 2023
Greens looking indifferent but rolling ok. Tees require attention but definitely a course to include in any Algarve trip west of Villamora.

At €118 for 2 players inclusive of buggy it is also good value.

Staff were excellent

Timothy from United Kingdom
on Tue, 10th Jan 2023
Good condition and very helpful staff
Very good layout and condition for time if year. Very friendly staff,. Because of some slight rain we had the course to ourselves.
Stewart from Portugal
on Sun, 4th Dec 2022
Espiche Golf course
Absolutely loved the layout. Each hole is like being on your own golf course. Kind of like a mini Monte Rei. You do need to keep it on the fairway though!! Will definitely go back.
Edwin from Italy
on Fri, 2nd Dec 2022
To much ob holes
Philip from United States
on Mon, 21st Nov 2022
Great course in good condition
We played Espiche for the first time and were very happy with the overall experience.

The receptionist was very welcoming and helpful, the club house was very cool overlooking most of the holes it seemed.

On the course, we were enjoyed the variety of holes as well as the good condition of fairways, bunkers and greens.

Finishing the experience in the restaurant with coffee and pastries rounded the entire experience off very nicely.

Very good value for the money.

We will be back.

Thanks to Algarve Golf for booking the Tee time for us!

Martina from United States
on Sat, 19th Nov 2022
A challenging course in a spledid natural’settin
Espische really surprised us. For one thing, it is NOT surrounded by villas or resorts. You play surrounded by nature, which is great. It feels, well, remote, although it is not far from Lagos. The various holes flow around the hilly landscape, so you go up and down a lot, and we were happy to have a buggy. There is not a huge variety in terms of the layout of the holes, but they are well designed. They are fairly narrow, so precision required, in some areas the rough is unforgiving. The greens were very fast and immaculate. The focal point is the very modern clubhouse, of wood and glass, where we received a very warm welcome. Practice facilities are better than average in the region. Very entertaining staff at the bar and restaurant. A worthy addition to the Algarve golf course list!
DAVID from United Kingdom
on Mon, 7th Nov 2022
Thoroughly enjoyed my 2 rounds here.Staff all very accommodating & friendly,greens very fast & you do need to hit straight to keep it in play or your looking at losing a lot of balls😉A little gem of a course & at 138€ for a 2 round package a place I would definitely return to in the future👍
Kenneth from United Kingdom
on Wed, 2nd Nov 2022
Leave the driver in the car
Course is in excellent condition, especially the greens which were reasonably fast and true. 3 wood or mid iron is frequently the smart choice of the tee and still leaves you able to make each green in regulation.

Club facilities and staff were excellent too.

Walter Schärer from Switzerland
on Mon, 24th Oct 2022
Great golf experience
Great golf course, modern clubhouse. No GPS on the buggy.
Alistair from United Kingdom
on Fri, 21st Oct 2022
Cracking course,only issue was the weather.

It absolutely hammered down for 18 holes.

It was still,open and we had pre paid so felt obliged to play.

Despite the weather ,drainage was fantastic no standing water in the greensand they were true and great condition.

Keep straight though, anything into the rough and it’s worth droppping ,lots of rocks and stones.

Would have been great if there had been a bit of sun in the sky.

Hey ho that’s life.

Philippe from Portugal
on Sat, 15th Oct 2022
Testing venue with lovely vistas
A worthy visit to this golf course which tests your ability to prove your golfing level
Caroline from United Kingdom
on Sat, 15th Oct 2022
Very enjoyable undulating course. All well maintained and signposted between tees. Greens in good condition.
on Thu, 13th Oct 2022
Enjoyed playing Espiche today and was lucky enough to play the twelfth in one.
Michael from Germany
on Wed, 12th Oct 2022
Country side course. Very special and unique. We had a great time!! Absolutely recommended.
Ursula from Ireland
on Mon, 10th Oct 2022
Tight course. Had to play a few blind shots and took too long to play
MARK from United Kingdom
on Sat, 24th Sep 2022
Great course, not as tight as some say.
Testing course in good condition, playing it for the 1st time was quite difficult as several shots are blind which means that good shots may be unfairly penalised. Playing it again would be easier and I intend to as it was a great experience.
keith from United Kingdom
on Thu, 22nd Sep 2022
Great golf course a real test of how straight you can hit a golf ball because you need to… take plenty of balls.
Gilles from Portugal
on Wed, 21st Sep 2022
Excellent conditions and very helpful staff
Nigel from Grenada
on Mon, 19th Sep 2022
Renwick review
My first time at this course . Very enjoyable course to play and the fairways and greens were in excellent condition for this time of year . Will play again .
Paul from Russian Federation
on Sat, 17th Sep 2022
Espiche Golf Course
I quite liked the course O. This my 1st visit - it's not long but is challenging esp if one is not atraight off the tee /fairway.

Would have been a 4 except the fairway quality (esp on front 9) has been badly affected by water shortage.

Quite a tight course and some of the runoffs are quite unexpected.

The fairways are lined by bushes which gobble up balls & thorns dissuade one from retrieving them.

I would suggest better distance signage on tee boxes in relation to walls (at least 2) in the middle of fairways.

Staff were super friendly & the starter really does his best to get one off to a great start - unfortunately 😐 the swing belongs solely to me.

I'll be back hoping to score much better.

Andrea from Switzerland
on Thu, 11th Aug 2022
Great experience to recommend
Best experience in 2 weeks, nice course, great food in the clubhouse, good infrastructure, well maintained. Coming back
WILLIAM from United Kingdom
on Mon, 4th Jul 2022
a day ruined
This course really needs a marshall or someone who is not afraid to confront a travelling football squad ( Blackburn Rovers ) was really looking forward to playing this course but had a day we don't want to repeat thanks to being behind they last group of five ?, never have I heard the cry of four right so much on a golf course they where hitting balls left right and anywhere in between and some tee boxes taking at least five shots to move around fifty yards, never repairing divots pitch marks or raking bunkers not what you would expect from a course of this standard but no one seamed to care, we did speak to them a few time about the behaviour but they just got on the buggy's, three to one buggy hanging off the side or back and went on hacking, last we spoke was on the ninth tee and asked if they where having a break after 9 holes so we could go through and they said no but would stop and let us through but when we arrived on the 10th tee they just teed off and continued zig zagging the course, we sat behind them on every tee after whatching in disbelief up until the 16th then gave up and called our taxi to leave, real shame as looks a really nice course but travelling stars ;;;;;;;;;;; take priority over tourist golfers,

we paid a lot of money to travel to the course by taxi as we where stopping around 40 minutes away and the cot of the golf, did complain as we came off at reception and was given a rain check for a return nine holes but who go's to a course like this for nine holes.

Day ruined by a five idiots.

Patrick from Netherlands
on Thu, 30th Jun 2022
Great course with great views. Challenging because of the wind.
Ludo Van Kerckhoven from Belgium
on Fri, 17th Jun 2022
Difficult course, lost 6 ballen all rolling from right to left and never to fond than
Mark Huddleston from United Kingdom
on Thu, 16th Jun 2022
A much improved course since I last played it about 5-6 years ago. The service at the club was excellent and very friendly and helpful staff.
martin Pollard from United Kingdom
on Tue, 14th Jun 2022
Especial Espiche!
Excellent course in great condition. #1 for bunkers, tee boxes, fairways and greens. Wonderful value for money . Clubhouse immaculate.
martin Pollard
Fairway’and bunkerswere the best we have played this trip of 4 courses in area. Next best was Amendoeira, thenPalmares and Penina last
Monika from Poland
on Fri, 10th Jun 2022
Beautiful but too dry.
Beautiful course, very intimate - you see just your hole when you play. Can be challenging if you miss fairways. Small and pretty slow greens. The course was dry, and both fairways and greens hard (difficult to stop the ball). Nice clubhouse on a hill - can be seen from around the course. Twilight price is a great deal!
Kevin from United Kingdom
on Tue, 17th May 2022
Just a little shy of a 5 star course
It's a Very nice place to to look at, club house and facilities were spot on with some fantastic holes. The par 3s were all very good and range from 130 yards to 190 yards. Keep the ball on the short stuff and you will have a good round on a superb course, don't and you might feel like hitting the 19th hole at the turn.
William from United Kingdom
on Fri, 13th May 2022
Challenging 18 holes
Some interesting holes but a punishing course

Not much room off edge of fairways. Quite a few blind holes too and with no room for error . A nice clubhouse and friendly staff

An experience but not sure I will repeat it

Tom from Romania
on Fri, 13th May 2022
Nice clubhouse, enjoyable course
Kevin from United Kingdom
on Mon, 25th Apr 2022
Course decent quite tough for high handicaps and beginners but far too slow play had to finish on the thirteenth to get back in time for flight would have been 5 and half hours otherwise
Paul from Portugal
on Sun, 24th Apr 2022
Espiche - tight and demanding
Played Espiche today. Course was nice, and as advertised, it was fairly short and very tight. Lots of shorter doglegs. Keep the driver in the bag and play your 3 wood or hybrid most of the day. Greens are large and elevated. Bunkers have the best sand I have seen in algarve this year . The clubhouse is beautiful but the restaurant closes at 5pm so don't expect to get dinner after your round. Not busy at all so you can play at your own pace without worry. I would play it again!
Frank Hendricks from United Arab Emirates
on Sun, 24th Apr 2022
Bring enough golf balls - and enjoy the nature
My second course I played this week in Lagos, The clubhouse is in the middle of nowhere - but modern and well set up. My first impression when checking in at the reception: super friendly and welcoming. The driving range works. And now about the course: it’s a rural nature reserve kind of course. Pretty challenging due to relative narrow fairways with lots of bounce as many fairways are nestled into a hilly landscape. The course wasn’t busy. And considering how many balls I have found when searching for my own ones - results in the recommendation: bring enough balls ;-)
Darius from Ireland
on Wed, 6th Apr 2022
Nice golf course, but overrated
I was surprised why this golf course received such an acclaim. I found it in excellent condition, but the layout was not intriguing. The course is set up in the countryside with no relief features like canyons or hills. Practice areas - tiny putting area, short game area and driving range - very separated. Bunkers with white coarse sand were nice, but water hazards either dried out (during rainy March!) or overgrown with vegetation, therefore, not appealing to eye. It was fun play, but the course is overrated.
Richard from United Kingdom
on Sun, 27th Mar 2022
Wonderful surprise
The location, layout, design and conditions were absolutely top-notch.

I had an very poor round ( 21 points!) but enjoyed every one of the numerous swings of my clubs!

We were unsure about starting at all given the rain but were so glad we did. Worth the drive to get to get to Espiche; we plan to squeeze a weekend trip back there (and to Boavista which is nearby) over the coming weeks.

Ralf from Germany
on Fri, 25th Mar 2022
Ok but not more
Nice and difficult wholes but greens are not in a good shape. We played as a two play 5h not acceptable as regularly three flights on one whole. Not well organized- no Marshall who guide the players to play according to the rules and not to end up.a Par 4 with 12 strokes.

We won’t play anymore Espiche. Two times is sufficient.

Mike from United Kingdom
on Wed, 16th Mar 2022
A nice looking course but so dry when I played it. It could do with some fairway irrigation.
Tames from Netherlands
on Sun, 27th Feb 2022
A beast of a course.
Judith from Portugal
on Mon, 14th Feb 2022
In reasonable condition, some greens need work, but a good days golf
GUN from Portugal
on Sat, 12th Feb 2022
Little dried out due to lack of rain, but fun to play.
hans from Portugal
on Fri, 11th Feb 2022
Very nice golfcourse with very fast greens and great views . I was although a pity that the clubhouse closed at 18.00 hour .
Tony from Portugal
on Wed, 9th Feb 2022
OK but……
Ok but in the bottom 25% of Algarve courses. In favour it does have a members club feel.
Tony from Portugal
on Wed, 9th Feb 2022
OK but……
Ok but in the bottom 25% of Algarve courses. In favour it does have a members club feel.
Martine from France
on Sun, 30th Jan 2022
Great course, in the country side. Not so long but quite challenging. Better to ride a buggy.
Marc from Portugal
on Mon, 10th Jan 2022
Espiche Golf - immer eine (schöne) Herausforderun
Sehr schöner, aber schwieriger Kurs in einer unglaublich schönen Landschaft gelegen. Tolles Clubhaus.
Gerlinde from Austria
on Sun, 26th Dec 2021
One of our Favoriten courses @Algarve
Always a great pleasure to Player this wonderful course!!!
Andy from Canada
on Fri, 3rd Dec 2021
Tight demanding course.
Hilly, in nature reserve, tight, demanding, lots of blind holes. Ball runs forever down some of the sloping fairways, sometimes into bushes though!
Volker from Germany
on Fri, 26th Nov 2021
Schön gelegener interessanter Platz, ansprechendes Clubhaus, freundliche Mitarbeiter. Die ungepflegten Verbindungswege zwischen den Abschlägen trüben das

Gesamtbild. Es wird jedes Jahr ein bisschen schlechter.

Heuer viele Schäden durch Wildschweine

Andrew Jaye from United Kingdom
on Fri, 19th Nov 2021
Espiche- 15 Nov and 17 Nov - great experience
The views at Espiche are special and it has one of the best designed club houses we have had the pleasure of experiencing. If you are wayward off the tee, the course will punish you severely and a lost ball is very likely. We mostly kept our drivers in the bag and although both lost a few balls we thoroughly enjoyed the course. Wild boars have caused some damage on some of the holes but this didn’t spoil our enjoyment. We will be back next year.
Martin from United Kingdom
on Thu, 18th Nov 2021
Great clubhouse views and scenery and in excellent condition. A quirky course with some blind holes and shots and probably best enjoyed played for a second time.
Adam from United Kingdom
on Thu, 18th Nov 2021
Good greens but very slow round. Not in same league as Palmares.
Grigory from United Kingdom
on Thu, 11th Nov 2021
Beatiful setting in unspoilt countryside. Very relaxed and well designed clubhouse
Jari from Finland
on Wed, 10th Nov 2021
Too hard for me
A very narrow course. Lots of blinds tee shots. The fairways are in excellent condition, as well as the greens. Very nice restaurant and services.
Dieter from Germany
on Sat, 6th Nov 2021
Toller Platz - etwas für Könner
stephen from United Kingdom
on Wed, 27th Oct 2021
Great course that needs plotting around. Greens are amazing. Punishes wayward shots as the fairways are tight in places. 19th is great and offers wonderful views
Alf from Portugal
on Tue, 19th Oct 2021
Very impressed with the Course especially with the greens. Also fairways were excellent!
Clive from United Kingdom
on Thu, 14th Oct 2021
Greens were in fantastic condition..... great course to plot around...
Graeme from Germany
on Sun, 10th Oct 2021
Lovely course, extremely well kept, immaculate greens, nice clubhouse.

A joy to play there.


Martin from United Kingdom
on Fri, 24th Sep 2021
Stay on the fairways !
Challenging course set in a conservation area, hence narrow fairways and punishing rough. The greens though are top class and the staff friendly and helpful. Tough course but enjoyable .
Mogens from Portugal
on Mon, 13th Sep 2021
Interesting course
A good course, but very difficult to play, and it costs a lot of balls

Best regards


Jean Manuel from United Kingdom
on Mon, 2nd Aug 2021
Beau parcours pas très cher
Beau parcours en intérieur des terres. Fairways un peu secs par endroit l’été. Trous assez longs. Greens bien verts, en très bon état mais pas très roulants.

Greenfee pas chers.

David from Portugal
on Mon, 26th Jul 2021
Environmentally Sustainable Golf Course
Amazing environmentally sustainable course in the scenic Algarve with little room for error outside of the fairways. Great driving, chipping, putting areas and restaurant. Highly recommend but bring a big bag of balls for full enjoyment ⛳️
Greg McMillan from United States
on Fri, 25th Jun 2021
Nice course needs some rain
Great condition . Fast greens. Some blind shots . Well trapped . Nice views. Great clubhouse. Target golf course. A different layout and you will use all your clubs. Elevation and slope may cause lost balls but fairways are in good shape. Good value 115 eauros for 2 players and a buggy
Chris from United Kingdom
on Wed, 16th Jun 2021
Great greens and a very challenging golf course unless you know it - plenty of blind shots. The front nine settles you in before the back nine destroys your scorecard - make hay on the front!! Not too much call for the driver unless you're very accurate with it.
Joerg Krames from Germany
on Thu, 3rd Jun 2021
OK course with special greens
they use a different kind of Grass for the greens

slow and a kind of dull

the fairways are partly brown

great clubhouse

Christian Markwick from United Kingdom
on Sun, 27th Dec 2020
Winter espiche golf
Great course. Not the longest off the yellows but there is no room for error as either side of most fairways is inaccessible rough. Had a great front 9 and a shocking back 9 😂
Ronald from Portugal
on Wed, 7th Oct 2020
Hugely impressed with the improvements to the course making it a much fairer track.

The condition of the course is better than any of the other 4 courses we played on this trip

We will certainly be back next year !

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