Castro Marim Golf Course Tips

Hole 1 (Par 4)
313 300 287
An interesting opening hole with its hidden green from the tee. The line from the tee drive is to the right side of the fairway leaving a view of the green fro the approach. Strong hitters should be aware of the bunker lining the right side of the fairway. The green has a upward sloping apron and a right defending bunker.

Hole 2 (Par 4)
322 310 398
The fairway bends to the left so the green is hidden from the tee. A generous landing area for the tee drive allows a line to the left side leaving an approach to carry a lake onto the green. Anything short will be in the water!

Hole 3 (Par 4)
261 250 244
Again a generous landing area for the a good tee drive. However the approach shot has to be feed through a narrow opening to a green well guarded by three bunkers.

Hole 4 (Par 3)
124 120 113
A short downhill hole to a generous green. Anything too left or right need a uphill chip shot. Anything too long of the green will find awaiting bunker!

Hole 5 (Par 5)
365 353 342
From the tee this hole is a right dogleg. Cutting the corner with the tee drive will have to find the narrow down sloping fairway. The approach shot has also a narrow entrance to the green with water to the left and tree rough to the right. Players may consider laying up.

Hole 6 (Par 4)
253 236 213
A short par-4 hole with a tricky approach to the green which is guarded both left and right by bunkers. The green has depth but the pin position will play its part.

Hole 7 (Par 4)
285 256 220
Another hole which is a left dogleg making the green unsighted from the most tees. A drive to a generous fairway leaving an careful choice of club and accuracy for the approach shot. The green has a front bunker awaiting any shot too short.

Hole 8 (Par 3)
136 122 104
With careful club selection and accuracy from the tee to a sunken generous green this short hole should present few problems. However, a shot aimed to bounce on the apron could easily find the bunker.

Hole 9 (Par 5)
449 421 390
A slight left dogleg hole with long hitters having the advantage. Accuracy and length along the right side of the fairway will leave an decent approach shot. The green is well guarded by the surrounding five bunkers.

Hole 10 (Par 4)
394 375 360
This hole is a true left dogleg which demands a long drive to the top right hand side of the fairway so as to see the green and present the approach shot. There is a rise to the green with a single small bunker on the front left and with a bank that will roll anything left or long back onto its surface.

Hole 11 (Par 3)
168 159 146
A straightforward hole asking for accuracy. The green is protected by a front left bunker and a rear smaller bunker.

Hole 12 (Par 4)
360 348 280
The tee drive needs to be straight as water may catch any ball to far to the left of the fairway. Beware of the Out of Bounds on the right hand side of this hole, especially at 300 metres up the fairway. The green is raised with a bunker on front left.

Hole 13 (Par 5)
443 433 375
The lake on the right side of the fairway is as dangerous as the Out of Bounds on the left. A direct line from the tee is required to the landing area. The same again for the second shot leaving just the direct approach. However, the long green has protective bunkers both front left and right, with another one to the left side of the green.

Hole 14 (Par 5)
493 474 412
A hole that is demanding once the the tee drive is safely on the fairway. The second shot must avoid the lake on the right and the left side of the fairway slopes down in the direction of the water. The approach shot has to carry a path and then onto a green with defending bunkers on both left and right. A par is not easy!

Hole 15 (Par 3)
184 173 132
This longish short hole has an Out of Bounds to catch any ball to far left. Whilst, to the right there is a long bunker awaiting for anything too short. The green is long in shape and has just the one bunker front left.

Hole 16 (Par 4)
347 330 285
A hole where the fairway is kind except to longish hitters with a strategic bunker on the left to catch some failed tee drives. It may be advisable to layup on the second shot to leave a comfortable approach chip onto a generous green with bunkers front left and right.

Hole 17 (Par 4)
321 301 260
Carry the lake from the tee onto a large landing area. Accuracy is needed on the approach shot to a green guarded by front left and right bunkers.

Hole 18 (Par 4)
307 297 288
This hole is another true right dogleg. When possible from the tee aim to reach the kick right of the fairway leaving sight of the green for the approach shot. This second shot is to a generous green with defending bunkers left and right on the apron of the green.

Hole 19 (Par 4)
369 343 312
Accuracy from the tee will be rewarded as the fairway narrows with trees left and right in the landing area of long hitters. The approach shot is to a raised small rotund green with guarding bunkers front left and right.

Hole 20 (Par 3)
158 154 147
A straightforward short hole with a generous green. It is protected by left and left rear bunkers, but a tree on the left of the apron visually narrows the tee shot.

Hole 21 (Par 5)
404 361 294
From the tee there is water to carry on this right dogleg hole. Is is necessary on the second shot to reach the right kick of the fairway to have a decent approach. The green is deep in length but there is a bunker front right which depends on the pin position that can complicate the approach shot.

Hole 22 (Par 5)
457 402 384
This hole meanders to the left with a final tricky approach. Long hitters which attempt to carry the corner from the tee may well encounter the strategically placed left fairway bunker or when over hitting ending in the water. When possible the second shot should reach the upper level of the fairway leaving a decent approach . The is one solitary bunker on the left side of the greens apron which lies directly in the line of the approach shot.

Hole 23 (Par 4)
336 325 313
A fairway which has a generous landing area for the demanding approach shot. There is a water hazard to carry which then leaves many players unhappy when landing short!

Hole 24 (Par 5)
367 356 325
Again water has to be carried from the tee to reach the fairway. The approach shot is to a circular green with two small left and right guarding bunkers. However, there is a pronounced dip in the apron to the green which requires consideration

Hole 25 (Par 3)
137 130 120
A short hole down to a long green which requires accuracy from the tee.

Hole 26 (Par 4)
258 238 230
A short par-4 hole which is not too challenging. The long green is set at angle to the fairway and again is defended by left and right front bunkers.

Hole 27 (Par 4)
271 265 249
As this fairway is basically a right dogleg it is essential that the tee drive lands well up the fairway so as to leave a nice approach shot to the raised generous green. The area before the apron is a pronounced uphill rise and then to a green guarded by left and right front bunkers.

Castro Marim Golf Course Layout

Castro Marim Golf Course layout
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