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Espiche Golf
Developing rapidly into a fine course .
Thu, 6th Sep 2018

Its 2 years since I last played Espiche and in that time it has improved significantly. The course is immaculate with firm fairways and the best greens I have played on this year- they are true , even paced and consistent across the course. Espiche is for the straight hitter and even then there are bad bounces into oblivion- never play blind over a hill, always have a spotter. With stunning views and an impressive Clubhouse it is well worth a visit.
Santo Antonio
Not for the faint hearted.
Tue, 4th Sep 2018

It must be more than 10 years since I last played the course and it hasnt changed for the better- it just has too many quirky holes because of the terrain. In good condition bar some wet spots, ( too much irrigation? ) it requires a buggy to be enjoyable but be careful there are some hair raising moments!
Disappointing condition of a good course.
Sun, 2nd Sep 2018

I have always been a fan of both Morgado and Alamos courses particularly the back nine on the former and the front nine on the latter. However I was disappointed on this visit in the condition of the course. The greens were slow and there was little definition between fairway and rough. Of greater concern was the amount of long coarse grass on the approaches and surrounds to the greens which made it look scruffy. I didnt understand why these areas hadnt been treated with a product like Rescue to kill off the invasive species. I am sure it just needs some care and attention to bring it back to normal.

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