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Name: Bruce Tillcock
Country: United Kingdom

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Mon, 18th Jun 2018
Boa Vista
Sun, 17th Jun 2018

Lovely course that I have played a lot of times and have previously really enjoyed, however this year on our second round we were put under undue stress to catch up with the group in front of us that started 20 minutes before we did and they were a three ball!!!! I really feel that this detracted from my enjoyment of the course and round. The whole situation could have been avoided if the starter had been on his game and let myself and friend go off as a two ball and that not wait for the next two ball which where a further ten minutes behind us. and make us into a four ball that had no chance of catching up or keeping pace with the group in front. I will go back and play on the Algarve again but may give Boa Vista a miss.
Vale da Pinta
Vale da Pinta
Sat, 16th Jun 2018

I really enjoyed the challenge of the course, but what ruined this round for me was two groups of three friends in front of myself (two ball) they were really slow and we were having to wait at least 10 minutes on each tee. I could not fault the staff at the course who were really good and very polite and accommodating. the round took 5 hours to complete. I am unsure if I would go back to this course.
Thu, 14th Jun 2018

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